FAQ - Laminate Flooring

How is Select Surfaces laminate flooring constructed?

Laminate flooring has five layers, a wear layer, a decorative layer, an inner core layer, a backing layer and an attached foam underlayment backer. The wear layer is the clear top layer that protects the floor from stains and fading. The decorative layer is the color, pattern, texture portion of the laminate floor. The inner core is the pressed high-density fiberboard (HDF) that keeps the laminate stable and flat. The backing creates a barrier with the sub-floor and protects the floor from moisture and warping. This layered construction helps deliver durable and long-wearing laminate flooring.

What is does EIR mean?

EIR stands for Embossed in Register and it is a manufacturing method that creates a grain appearance consistent with the look of real hardwood grain. This process aligns the embossing on the plank with the printed woodgrain design and intensifies the depth, texture and appearance of the floor.

What does hand-scraped texture mean?

Hand-scraped laminate floors have a contoured surface that delivers a rustic, authentic hardwood appearance. Planks have subtle grooves, scallops and scrapes that create a textured finish.

What are the different types of edging on the laminate planks?

There are 3 common type of edging feature on our Select Surfaces laminate flooring:
  • Pressed V-Groove Edges offer a contemporary and modern look. A beveled edge means the sides of the planks have a softer edge as opposed to a perpendicular straight edge. When planks are joined together they create a soft, subtle v-groove that adds visual interest and makes your flooring look even more like real hardwood floors.
  • V-Groove Edges are similar to pressed v-groove edges but the edge is not as soft and a little more angled. Often times the v-groove edges have a painted finish that ad a unique visual touch.
  • Straight Edges deliver a traditional flush edge finish where planks lock and fit flush together. This type of edge creates a seamless finish where there is little distinction between planks.

How easy is Select Surfaces laminate to install?

The click installation method connects laminate planks together without the need for glue on the edges or ends. The planks lock together through a tongue and groove system that requires users to click planks together. The interlocking floor floats over the subfloor. This system is easy to install, creates minimal mess and allows for the finished floor to be used right after installation (no waiting for glue to dry). All Select Surfaces laminate features either the patented Unilin or Valinge installation systems.

Can I order Select Surfaces laminate from your website?

Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] for information on where you can purchase in-store or online.

How do I determine how much flooring I need to complete my room?

Use our flooring calculator tool to help you easily determine how much flooring is required to complete your flooring project. A 5% buffer for waste is factored into the calculation.

Where can I find matching moldings for my Select Surfaces laminate?

We sell matching moldings online. Please visit the Moldings & Accessories section of our website to find your require shade and make your purchase. If you need more information or have any problems please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor is built with all its component parts attached to each other, but none of the parts are fixed to the supporting floor.

How can I increase the shine on my laminate floor?

The amount of shine in the laminate planks is a manufactured characteristic that cannot be modified. Do NOT use any wax or polish on your laminate floor as it may ruin the finish.

Why do I need a moisture barrier with a concrete subfloor?

Concrete floors are capable of storing a large quantity of water in the form of humidity. Concrete floors are typically found in the basement and the soil adjacent to the concrete can bring humidity into the floor. It is critical to avoid all direct contact between the laminate flooring and the concrete floor to avoid any moisture getting into the laminate planks.

Can large dogs scratch the surface of a laminate floor with their nails?

In general, animal claws do not scratch laminate floors. However, this cannot be guaranteed as different animals have different habits. Keeping dogs claws trimmed will help avoid any potential scratching of your laminate floors.