Frequently Asked Questions


Is it easy to install Select Surfaces laminate?
The Speedloc™ click installation method allows the laminate planks to easily click together to create a tight seal. The planks lock together through a tongue and groove system that requires users to simply click the planks together, no tapping required. The interlocking floor floats over the subfloor. This system is easy to install, creates minimal mess and allows for the finished floor to be used right after installation.
How do I cut the laminate planks?
You can use a variety of saws to cut the planks including a handsaw, doorjamb saw, table saw, miter saw, circular saw or jigsaw. If you are using a table saw, cut the planks face down. If you are using any of the other saws, cut the planks face up.
How do I determine in which direction to install the laminate?
You can install the laminate in whichever direction you choose, however we recommend installing the planks parallel to the longest wall in the room. This makes the room look larger than it really is.
Can I install laminate on my stairs?
Yes, you can definitely install Select Surfaces laminate on your stairs. You will need to cut and glue the planks to the steps and rises. You will need to purchase stair nose moldings to finish off the installation. These moldings are available on our website.
How do I determine how much flooring I need to complete my room?
You can use our flooring calculator tool to help you easily determine how much flooring is required to complete your project. All you will need to know is how many square feet you are going to be covering. A 5% buffer will automatically be factored into the calculation to allow for waste during the installation process.
Do I need to install a vapor barrier before installing the laminate?
If you are installing over a concrete subfloor, you will need to place a 6-mil vapor barrier prior to installing the laminate. This is because concrete floors are capable of storing a large quantity of water in the form of humidity. It is critical to avoid all direct contact between the laminate flooring and the concrete floor to avoid any moisture getting into the laminate planks.
What is the difference between an underlayment and a vapor barrier?
All of our laminates come with a 2 mm pre-attached foam backer so there is no need to purchase an additional underlayment. This backer will help smooth minor subfloor imperfections, will act as an extra sound barrier and will cushion the planks, making the laminate more comfortable to walk on. If you are installing over concrete, you will still need to place a 6-mil vapor barrier on top of the subfloor before installing the laminate. This is to prevent the moisture inside the concrete from reaching the laminate planks.
Can I install laminate on top of a radiant heated floor?
Installations over radiant heated subfloors are acceptable, however we recommend that you maintain the temperature between 65-72°F (18-22°C). The temperature should never exceed 80°F (27°C). Radiant heat systems should be operating for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to installation of the laminate flooring.
How do I clean my laminate flooring?
The best way to clean laminate flooring is to use a vacuum or dust mop, and spot clean with a water-based cleaner made for laminate flooring if needed. The Elite Collection laminates can be cleaned with a damp mop if needed. The Spill Defense Collection laminates can be wet mopped.
How can I increase the shine of my laminate floor?
The amount of shine in the laminate planks is a manufactured characteristic that cannot be modified. Do NOT use any wax or polish on your laminate floor as it may ruin the finish.
Is Select Surfaces laminate waterproof?
The laminates in our Elite Collection are moisture resistant. The laminates in the Spill Defense Collection are waterproof for 24 hours.
Can I install laminate in my kitchen and bathroom?
If you are planning to put laminate in your kitchen, we recommend using one of the laminates from the Select Surfaces Spill Defense Collection. These laminates are waterproof for 24 hours, leaving you plenty of time to clean up any spills. We do not recommend installing any laminate in your bathroom, as this is a high moisture area with daily risks of water spills.
Is Select Surfaces laminate pet-friendly?
Yes, the Select Surfaces laminates are pet-friendly thanks to the AC4 wear layer that will protect against daily wear and tear. In general, animal claws do not scratch laminate floors. However, this cannot be guaranteed as different animals have different habits. Keeping claws trimmed will help avoid a potential scratching of your laminate floors.
What is an EIR or authentic woodgrain texture?
EIR stands for Embossed in Register. It is a manufacturing method that creates a grain appearance consistent with the look of real hardwood grain. This process aligns the embossing on the plank with the printed woodgrain design and intensifies the depth, texture and appearance of the floor. A common term associated with EIR is Authentic Woodgrain Texture.
What is a hand-scraped texture?
Hand-scraped laminate floors have a contoured surface that delivers a rustic, authentic hardwood appearance. Planks have subtle grooves, scallops and scrapes that create a textured finish.
What is an embossed texture?
Laminates with an embossed texture have subtle grooves and ridges that mimic the look of real hardwood. The texture is randomly spread across the planks to add depth and character to the laminate.
Can I order Select Surfaces laminate from your website?
No you cannot purchase directly on our website. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] for information on where you can purchase in-store or online.
Where can I find matching moldings for my Select Surfaces laminate?
We sell molding kits that include 2 T-moldings, 1 Reducer and 1 Endcap at Sam’s Club or on These moldings are all 44 inches in length. Longer moldings, including Stair Noses, that are 94 inches long are available for purchase on our website These moldings will be directly shipped to your home. If you need more information or have any problems, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].


What is a wear layer?
The wear layer is the top layer of the vinyl planks. It protects against stains and scratches, making the flooring extremely durable. Our vinyl items have a wear layer of 0.3 mm (12 mil).
Is Select Surfaces vinyl waterproof?
Yes, our vinyl items are 100% waterproof, making them suitable for any room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms and basements.
Can I install vinyl on stairs or steps?
Engineered Vinyl flooring is not recommended for use on stairs or steps. It can be done but the planks will need to be glued to the steps. Please contact [email protected] for help with the installation.
Is Select Surfaces vinyl pet-friendly?
Yes, our vinyl floors are pet-friendly and scratch resistant thanks to their 0.3 mm (12 mil) wear layer. In general, animal claws will not damage the floors. However, this cannot be guaranteed as different animals have different habits. Keeping their claws trimmed will help avoid any potential damage to your vinyl floors
How do I clean my vinyl floor?
We recommend sweeping and vacuuming the floor regularly to remove loose dirt. Use a damp mop with clean water and a diluted floor cleaner if needed. Do NOT use harsh cleansers, chemicals, abrasive scrubbing tools or detergents.

Artificial Grass

Will the artificial grass withstand heat from the sun?
Yes, our artificial grass is manufactured with a UV resistant additive and is up to ISO UVA and UVB standards. It is designed to withstand sunlight and extremely high temperatures.
How do you connect separate rolls of grass?
The best way to attached two separate rolls of artificial grass is to use seaming tape and adhesive. Seaming tape can help prevent weeds from coming up in between rolls as well as hiding any seams between the rolls. Lay down the seaming tape at the seam, add adhesive and connect both rolls together on the tape. Once this is done, reinforce the installation by installing the U-nails, which will prevent the natural movement of the artificial grass.
Is the artificial grass pet friendly?
The Select Surfaces artificial grass is 100% virgin material, making it non-toxic and most definitely pet friendly. This grass has a mold-proof perforated backer with a substantial amount of drainage holes to drain water or in this case animal urine. As a result, the grass can easily be hosed down with water if it needs to be refreshed.


Where do I purchase moldings?
You can purchase laminate molding kits at Sam’s Club or on Each kit includes 2 T-moldings, 1 Reducer and 1 Endcap that are all 44 inches in length. Longer moldings that are 94 inches long are available for purchase only on our website These moldings will be directly shipped to your home. If you need more information or have any problems, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].
Which moldings do I need?
  • T-molding: This molding is used to connect two floors that are the same height (ex: ceramic and laminate). We recommend using t-moldings in every doorway as it makes the installation easier.
  • Reducer: This molding is designed to ensure a natural transition from laminate flooring to a lower surface such as vinyl tiles or thin carpet.
  • Endcap: This molding is designed to ensure a perfect transition from laminate flooring to a higher surface such as ceramic tiles or carpet.
  • Stair Nose: If you are installing laminate on your stairs, you can use a stair nose moldings to finish off the edge of each stair.
When will I receive a tracking number for the moldings I ordered?
You will receive a tracking number within 3 business days of receiving the confirmation email with the details of your purchase.
When will I receive the moldings I ordered on
Once you make a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive another email within three business days of receiving the confirmation email with a tracking number for your shipment. Once you receive a tracking number, your shipment will be delivered within 10 business days.
How do I install moldings?
Please refer to the following diagrams.